800.479.7195 PO Box 268 Clarks Summit, PA 18411

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Pennsylvania Division
PO Box 268, Clarks Summit, PA 18411
Toll free: 800.479.7195
Phone: 570.558.2430 Fax: 570.558.2431

Jamy Rosenstein, Vice President and Sales
email: jamy@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8832 mobile: 570.357.7658

Jeffrey Rosenstein, Vice President and Sales
email: jeffrey@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8812 mobile: 570.650.3771

James Cader, Sales
email: james@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8839 mobile: 570.881.5410

Mark Korman, Sales
email: mark@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8843 mobile: 718.339.1255

Teresa Gordner, Cherokee Truck Brokers LLC Transportation Services
email: teresa@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8811 mobile: 570.594.8678

Donald Cwikla, Controller and Personnel
email: donald@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8824

Brian Cwikla, Assistant Controller
email: b.cwikla@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8815 mobile: 570.499.8800

Gina Parise, Sales

Arizona Division
Phone: 520.281.8583   Fax:  520.281.8592

Mike Mendenhall, Cherokee Truck Brokers LLC – Transportation Specialist
email: mike@atlanticfreshtrading.com ext: 8873 mobile: 623.738.7455

Lou Solomon, Sales
email: lous@atlanticfreshtrading.com mobile: 623.363.9677

Mike Rivera, Sales
email: miker@atlanticfreshtrading.com mobile: 520.987.2783

Michael Kimberlin, Sales
email: mkimberlin49@yahoo.com mobile: 520.980.6969

Chris Pantoja, Sales
email: ChrisP@atlanticfreshtrading.com mobile: 520.988.1681

Francisco (Kiko) Hernandez, Quality Control & Sales
email: francisco@atlanticfreshtrading.com mobile: 520.216.0316

Sylvia Marsh, Sales
email: syl.marsh8@gmail.com mobile: 520.841.1922

California Division
Phone:  559.713.1300   Fax: 559.713.1212

Dave Young, Sales Manager
email: daveaft@gmail.com mobile: 661.400.3563

Loeghan Job, Sales
email: loeghanaft@gmail.com mobile: 661.992.9542
Lou Figallo, Sales
email: loufigalloafproduce@gmail.com mobile: 559.901.8104

Atlantic Fresh Cairo, GA
Phone: 229.376.6307

State Farmers Market
1110 N Broad St Bldg 13 Units 3-5

Texas Division
Phone:  281.829.5775   Fax: 888.587.2824

New York Division
Phone: 845.359.0212